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Welcome to our website “”. The General Terms and Conditions of govern the usage of access and overall usage of the website. The access to, usage of this website and the purchase of products on are based on the assumption that these General Terms and Conditions of Use have been read, understood and accepted by you.

The current General Terms and Conditions are applicable to a free use of the website’s functionalities, also to all orders and distance sales contracts which are to be made and concluded with us for the distance sale and delivery of goods/items. In these rules and conditions, there is nothing that predisposes your legitimate consumer rights, including your right to insist on having the goods you purchase to answer their description, to fit the purpose they are made for, and be of satisfactory quality.

The website is to be browsed freely without having registration. 

The General Terms and Conditions that are presented also regulate the deliveries of each item that you order from L’EICNÉCRA. By ordering a particular item, you agree to be legally bound by a Purchase and Sales Contract governed by the applicable law and these General Terms and Conditions.

The present General Terms and Conditions are to be accepted indefinitely, from the moment of your registration and/or use of any service whatsoever provided by L’EICNÉCRA, via the website or the online store.

When using the website and/or the online store, this implies that you are familiar and have consented with any following changes of the present General Terms and Conditions.

Each L’EICNÉCRA user is considered to be bound by a Distance Purchase and Sales Contract upon making distance purchases executed via the online store operating under the domain name of The distance purchase and sales contract is considered concluded from the moment in which L’EICNÉCRA confirms your particular order, under terms for validation of the orders specified in the present General Terms and Conditions, Section Orders.

In case you need any assistance, please make sure to visit the Customer Care area, where you will find exact information about orders, shipping, refunds and returning products purchased on, a form for registration to the site, tips and suggestions, and other general information on the services provided by You can always contact through Customer Care. For any other legal information, please read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Return Policy and Privacy Policy of


You can use the following services within the L’EICNÉCRA site and/or online store:

  • browse through the content of the site and/or the online store;
  • make distance purchases and sales of goods (items);
  • collect and use data/ provided information about specified items.

L’EICNÉCRA manufactures, executes and offers for distance sale limited lines of high-quality designer apparel and accessories of its own brand and distinctive design.

L’EICNÉCRA diligently takes care of the information that it provides about each of its items offered for sale via the online store www. The information is precise, clear and detailed as well as provides details about the various sizes, a complete description of the type of materials used, the quality requirements applied in the execution, details about the means of production, together with information about the use of handwork in the hand-crafting or hand-finishing of the items.

The hand-crafting and hand-finishing of each of the items supplied by L’EICNÉCRA involves, handwork and imagination, and in this sense L’EICNÉCRA does not guarantee that each item has an identical texture of the type of material used (real leather, a weave of wool fabrics, silver elements) or an individual approach to apparel hemming.

The published images on the website have high quality resolution so as to present as accurately as possible the úsed materials’ texture and the colours of the various items. Nevertheless, the colours – their brightness and clarity depend on your personal monitors, and in this sense L’EICNÉCRA is unable to guarantee that they correspond to the actual ones.

L’EICNÉCRA delivers its services including scheduled and unscheduled interruptions. All aspects of the services are subject to change or removal in the sole discretion of L’EICNÉCRA.

L’EICNÉCRA retains the right to refuse providing a service temporarily or indefinitely, and this includes reserving the right to cancel, at its discretion, unconfirmed orders or to erase inactive profiles.

The services of L’EICNÉCRA are provided as they are and as far as available. L’EICNÉCRA does not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements or that the services will be provided continuously, in a timely fashion, securely or without errors.


In order to use the Services of L’EICNÉCRA, you must be an adult user, register on,  create your Account, and accept these terms and conditions for using the Services (“Terms”).

The registration on the website is free of charge. To create your Account, fill out the registration form by entering the required information and guarantee to The Row that the information provided during the registration process is complete, accurate and truthful.

When you complete the registration form, your profile is accessible by the means of a user name and a password that you select. Registered users can compile a list of favourite products, add several delivery addresses and choose between them, and be e-mailed information and offers by us. The details required for registration are: name, patronymic and surname, address of delivery, contact telephone, and electronic mail.

Once you successfully complete the registration, you confirm that the provided personal details upon the registration procedure are true, accurate and up-to-date in every respect. L’EICNÉCRA disclaims all liability for any information that is submitted untruly, incorrectly or inaccurately, for any true information that is submitted in a misleading manner, as well as for any misprints.

L’EICNÉCRA is unable by any means to control whether infant users gain access to the services it provides and does not guarantee that infant or underage users can make distance purchases via the online store of L’EICNÉCRA.

Please, bear in mind that you are fully responsible for all the activities carried out through your profile or under the profile name. Disclosing your access password to another person is entirely at your own risk.


In order to place an order in the L’EICNÉCRA online store , the user must point out the item he or she has selected and specify details concerning the size, quantity and terms of delivery. The order is then activated to the online store of L’EICNÉCRA by pressing the button “buy”, which is located below the particulars of delivery of the item(s) concerned.

Only when we expressly confirm your order via electronic letter to the e-mail address you have indicated, in the form of a document entitled “order confirmation”, which states that we accept your order, the order itself is considered accepted.  The e-mailed confirmation lists the ordered item, quantity, order number, and date and hour when the order was placed.

In case a specific ordered item is out of stock, a L’EICNÉCRA consultant will advise the user when the item will be back again in stock. If the user does not agree to the delay of the order or to order another item (similar model), the order may be cancelled.

Placing orders in the online store of L’EICNÉCRA ( is accepted 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week.

Users who have stated incorrect details upon their registration and had placed an order – might have their order cancelled. L’EICNÉCRA retains the right to notify users of incorrect details or missing details in your profile when the orders are processed, and if it does not receive correct details from you within 48 (forty-eight) hours, such orders will be assigned with a “cancelled” status as being impossible to fulfil.

The confirmation of your order, that was sent to your e-mail address, is considered to be a conclusion of a Distance Purchase and Sales Contract between you and L’EICNÉCRA, which operates under the domain name of Our order confirmation is regarded to have taken effect when it was sent to the electronic address you have provided in the registration form even if, for any reasons beyond the control of L’EICNÉCRA, the electronic letter has not reached you.

You may withdraw a placed order without stating any reasons for your withdrawal not later than the confirmation of the order on the part of L’EICNÉCRA. An order may be withdrawn via electronic mail to the e-mail address indicated on the site: In order to be considered valid, a withdrawal must state: order number, name and surname, and e-mail address as registered on the site, as well as the price of the order.

L’EICNÉCRA may end the contract if an ordered item is not available for any reason whatsoever. If this is the case, we will inform you and will refund the full amount of the sum if you have paid for any such item.


The supplied items’ prices in the online store of L’EICNÉCRA are quoted in the following currencies from among which you can choose: EUR or USD.

We take diligent care in describing all the details and prices associated with the items supplied, however,  mistakes may occur. In case you find any mistake in the price of the ordered items, please let us know as soon as possible and we will proceed with either confirming your order at the correct price or canceling it.

L’EICNÉCRA retains the right to amend any mistakes, omissions  or inaccuracies and to alter or update any information on the supplied items at any time without notice. L’EICNÉCRA retains the right to refuse fulfilling orders for which the information, containing mistakes or inaccuracies has been specified, including without limitation mistakes and inaccuracies regarding prices, currency conversion, delivery, terms of payment or return of items supplied.

Custom Taxes & duties included (outside European Union):
L’EICNÉCRA focuses on providing more than satisfactory care; all taxes & duties are part of the items’ prices. Custom duties, taxes or fees are included in the state’s prices for all countries outside European Union. In case, for any reason taxes or fees are applied to your delivery parcel, please contact us at

The prices are presumed to be for a unit quantity exclusive of VAT, unless there’s absent indication to the contrary. Please consider that VAT may be charged upon delivery of goods to particular territories.


Payment of the products’ price as well as the costs of their shipping and delivery must be made using one of the indicated methods on the order form.

L’EICNÉCRA accepts the following payment method by Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Visa Electron.

Once the order is shipped, the total will be charged to your card. 


L’EICNÉCRA will deliver the ordered items to its users at a place and to a named person of their choice, in their perfect condition and within the shortest time. L’EICNÉCRA takes special care to avert any loss or dissatisfaction as a result of the time to deliver the items ordered.

L’EICNÉCRA makes worldwide deliveries, without territorial limits, with the help of reliable delivery partners. Consider that the delivery’s cost will be added automatically by L’EICNÉCRA, which depends on the type of delivery, the address of delivery, the destination country and the weight of the shipment.

Based on the type of delivery you choose, L’EICNÉCRA will make direct door-to-door deliveries to the stated address of delivery, which is  in the registration form within the following provisional periods:

Express deliveries, via an express courier firm, within 1 (one) to 3 (three) working days;

Standard deliveries, via registered mail, within 5 (five) to 12 (twelve) working days.

The provisional delivery periods stated above, start from the date of dispatch of the ordered items and L’EICNÉCRA disclaims any liability for any delays whatsoever due to any local customs clearance procedures. The stated provisional periods apply objectively to the delivery periods applied by the express courier organisations with which L’EICNÉCRA works for various destination countries.

L’EICNÉCRA will notify users and will make an effort to implement the delivery as soon as practically possible, in case the ordered items cannot be delivered within the stated provisional periods. In any case, L’EICNÉCRA retains the right to extend the stated periods, without giving notice to users, by up to 7 (seven) days.

All the deliveries are received in the following manner: by hand, upon signed acknowledgment. The deliveries are handed to household members or to persons named by the users, taking a note of the name of the person who received the delivery and his or her relationship to the user in case handing a delivery to a user in person proves to be infeasible or is hindered.  After two failures to hand over the delivery, the distance sales contract is considered automatically terminated, and in such case, as a sanction for its non-performance on the part of the users, L’EICNÉCRA will retain all sums paid by the users.

Data and information about the delivery’s progress and the time for its execution will be sent to your electronic mail address, which is stated for contact in the registration form, together with the order confirmation or later. If you have ordered several types of items at one and the same time, the items ordered may be delivered at different times.


By respecting the policy of confidentiality and discretion, discounts may be offered to selected customers.

The discount privileges may be announced at any time, with regards to any item supplied by L’EICNÉCRA.


L’EICNÉCRA is looking forward to achieving full satisfaction for its users. The customers’ satisfaction is a top priority of L’EICNÉCRA, and in this sense L’EICNÉCRA pays special attention to each individual request for return or to each particular case of a claim, so as to provide the best service to its users.

In case the delivered items are non-conforming to the ordered items, or if any apparent defect or damage is noticed, please contact us immediately at e-mail: The Customer Service Department of L’EICNÉCRA will make sure to correct the mistake or provide a refund or replacement of the articles, in accordance with our claims policy.

L’EICNÉCRA aspires that the users are pleased with the purchased items and offers a full refund of the sum paid or replacement of the items purchased in case of claims, return and/or replacement in case of opting for a size other than the size ordered which is available.

To return items purchased from L’EICNÉCRA – make sure that they are not worn, used and damaged. To get a refund of the paid sum or a replacement of items, they must be preserved and returned to L’EICNÉCRA in their original condition, without indications of wear, use or damage, complete with all labels attached to them, in the original packaging, accompanied by the purchase documents (a copy of an original invoice and/or a copy of a cash register receipt, together with the relevant goods received note).

To return and or/replace the purchased items, you can do it under the following conditions:

You must inform L’EICNÉCRA of your intention to return or to replace an item purchased, and you must send a request for return or replacement of a particular item at the electronic address stated by L’EICNÉCRA:, within 72 (seventy-two) hours after receiving the delivery.

Within 14 days from the date of the request for an item’s return, the purchased items must be returned. Any claim, return and/or replacement of items beyond these periods will not be accepted.

Have in mind that the return of items is at your responsibility and you assume the risk of damage, loss or destruction until the moment the shipment reaches L’EICNÉCRA. In this sense, L’EICNÉCRA recommends the dispatch of a shipment guaranteeing the value of the items returned.

All direct costs (duties, fees and taxes) of the items(s)’ return are borne by the users.

You are bound to accept every delivered package received from the courier. In case you do not accept the package from the courier and you do not respond to our Customer Support, the package will be sent back to us in a 5-days pending period.
The value of the returned items, which covers in a satisfactory way the conditions for return of items as stated above, will be refunded to the user’s account after deducting any additional expenses like fees, customs duties, shipping charges paid by L’EICNÉCRA with regards to the receipt of the items returned – something you will be expressly notified. Have in mind that this process may take up to 30 (thirty) days.

Please consider that L’EICNÉCRA provides new and unused items, with a brand sign and label attached to them. L’EICNÉCRA does not sell used items and will not accept any items with any indication of use. If this is to happen, the item will be returned back to the user. L’EICNÉCRA disclaims liability for any item which has not been returned in the condition described as above.

Please, have in mind that the items that are made to order are not subject to return. International customs duties and sales taxes may not be refunded in any deliveries.

Please, contact us at to start your exchange or return process.


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