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Wabi-Sabi is a spiritual concept from the Japanese aesthetics, with which LENÉCRA is closely related. Wabi-Sabi helps out to see the beauty in the imperfections, to value the simplicity and accept the transitional nature of all things. The origin of Wabi-Sabi is hidden in the Zen philosophy - it stimulates you to search and experience the imperfection’s beauty with all our senses, to become aware of it and perceive it with open eyes and open heart. It’s the true acceptance of finding beauty in things as they are. To look for beauty in the imperfect is a road to enlightenment.

The meaning that breathes life into this philosophy is the unpretentious simplicity (Wabi) and getting closer to the ancient, the harmony of the solitary (Sabi). Wabi-Sabi is focused on three simple realities:  nothing lasts forever, nothing is ever finished and nothing is perfect. Everything that exists in the Universe is constantly moving and changing. Wabi-Sabi is naturalness, it depicts things as they are – in their natural and most authentic condition. The Japanese philosophy encourages us to concentrate on the hidden blessings that we find in our everyday life and to celebrate things as they are – not the way they are supposed to be. Wabi-Sabi prizes authenticity.

Embracing Wabi-Sabi is as easy (or as difficult) as understanding and accepting oneself – your imperfections and everything else. It’s all about being compassionate towards yourself, just the way you are as well as building whatever there is – not fiercely trying to rebuild yourself in order to present yourself as something else completely. Wabi-Sabi gives us the freedom to be ourselves and embrace the perfection of not being perfectly ourselves. Wabi-Sabi is everywhere – we just have to know how to look and what to do to become aware of the concept in our lives. This is a story of love and inspiration, that stumbles upon us the very moment we expect it the least – to be fulfilled with joy, gratitude and love for everything we do and everything that surrounds us. Wabi-Sabi means to live in peace and harmony with the imperfections and the inconsistency, to accept yourself as a perfectly imperfect person – unique and simultaneously, as one of the others.


Wabi-Sabi transforms into a union between the human, what is created by him/her and nature's randomness, which all lead to beauty and wisdom. Wabi-Sabi is strongly connected with the Earth. In fact, this is a concept related to the aesthetic taste of LENÉCRA - with our capacity to see the beauty in nature, which we’ve conveyed with exquisiteness the concept of Wabi-Sabi in our clothing. Wabi-Sabi is like minimalism with a conscious choice.

This style withholds from the symmetry and the regular shapes by rendering its preferences to the natural unconstrained curves. Its philosophy hides in the refined combination of uncombined concepts – beauty in the imperfect and the richness in nature. Perfectionism can get you tired, whereas Wabi-Sabi soothes the soul by reminding that all is transitional and imperfect.

The principles that stand behind Wabi-Sabi can also be adopted in the design. By devoting to the designer process and by accepting the imperfections, we can reach completely new levels of beauty. We look towards fashion with a new view as a form of art and passion. With the uncompleted details of the clothing, the pastel colors, the visible needlecraft and asymmetry, the pieces turn out to be attractive in a completely new way. The clothes acquire uniqueness and carry their own meaning and history.

Otherwise said, Wabi-Sabi allows us to be ourselves. Embrace the perfection of not being perfect!

Wabi-Sabi: “Create beauty. Praise imperfections. Live consciously.”