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LENÉCRA is not only a fashion project – this is a philosophy connected with accepting the sacral nature of life and the awakening of the consciousness. Through deep connection with nature and its elements, LENÉCRA inspires you to raise your own unique wild nature and revive your true essence.

LENÉCRA awakes you to a journey, the journey to oneself and its expression inside-out – to be your own existential truth, to be something that you can otherwise not be.

LENÉCRA’s mission is to create a boundless and harmonious Universe through its philosophy and minimalistic design by attaining timelessness with every piece of clothing and each detail. LENÉCRA has a desire to inspire and help people to strive for conscious, fulfilled and vivid life – look inwards and glow outwards.

LENÉCRA upholds the idea of а woman looking for and walking her own way while listening to her heart, trusting her intuition, setting her faith on the senses and making her choices with love.

The passion  of LENÉCRA is a pursuit of a unique aesthetics’ creation from discovering the beauty in the imperfections. LENÉCRA highlights the natural beauty with the free shapes of the clothing and ensures a luxury where the piece could be shaped by the body’s ease. LENÉCRA ’s clothing is an outward symbol of the spiritual strength, the visible shape of the human’s nature, the awakening of oneself, the sensation of nudity, the truth and our connection with the Divine Nature.

LENÉCRA’s design emits loose flowing, softness, warmth, practicality and harmony with vision for awareness towards the environment and society. Each clothing’s silhouette leaves room for interpretation, which gives rise to liberation. Natural colors in a muted palette with refined quality fabrics are being used when making the clothes. Exquisitely formed, LENÉCRA’s clothing is integrated in the contemporary city life with the idea of bringing coherence and free spirit. There are no limits and boundaries with LENÉCRA’s clothing.

LENÉCRA’s archetype carries the omnipresent aspect of the woman with magical femininity, wisdom, purity and free emotions. This image flourishes in the deepest corner of the woman’s soul where the spirit of the woman and the spirit of the enchantress meet, where the human and the wild merge, where the mind and the instincts fuse, where the woman’s inner life feeds her daily routine. And this is possible once the woman is filled with unconditional love, once she gets connected with her true wild nature. She has no age, she is timeless.



The brand is tightly related to the natural elements, bred by the Divine energy that has created the matter. LENÉCRA’s ideology states that nothing can function and cannot exist on its own – the inward and outward are in a state of continuous exchange in unity. Born by nature’s womb, the human is perceived as part of the whole, as part of the Universe that consists of the elements Wind, Fire, Earth and Water, Metal and that interact in our own organism. The bond with the elements can be interpreted in LENÉCRA’s design through their qualities, as well as through their forms and colors. They are made from cold grey and deep tones (fire, water, metal) to neutral pastel tones (earth and wind). 

Led by the distinctive features of the Earth, like practicality, firmness, sustainability, LENÉCRA develops each one of them in the clothing themselves. The Earth symbolizes the womb, in which a person is being formed. Through this element, the design gives women freedom to create the shape of the clothing on her own body. 

The Wind as an element symbolizes the divine breath and expansion. It plays a role of the cosmic space’s upholder and possesses the shape’s characteristics of LENÉCRA’s clothing freedom. 

The Water symbolizes the origin of the creation, the element of the physical and spiritual rebirth. It is a source of purity, wisdom and exquisiteness. Water has the ability to heal through acceptance. It is connected with our emotionality and intuition and through them, we create depth, history in our clothing. This is how you can feel the touch of the clothing on your body – by accepting its energy, emotionality and radiance, by fusing with it and by bringing in from its quality in your individuality and artistry. 

The element Fire is related to the sun, our inner fire, impulse to soulfulness, pervasive knowledge, the enlightenment, the unconditional love. This is the image of the spirit and the transcendental. LENÉCRA’s design carries abstraction, distinctiveness, maturing. While the Water makes you feel your own individuality, the Fire makes you manifest it outward in the matter through the clothing. 

The qualities of the Metal are tied with the Cosmic Energy, magnetism, attraction, the Alchemy. The Metal can acquire new shapes and get transformed when melted. This way, through the qualities of the Metal that pass over the design’s processes, LENÉCRA gives the clothing a new shape and look, a new view and attitude towards the clothing, all based on fantasy.  

All the elements interact and are combined  by themselves in nature, the same way we preserve them inside ourselves. Through nature’s elements we become aware not only of the outward Universe, but also of our inward one and we can harmonize this vital strength with love.

LENÉCRA calls for: “Feel the elements within you! Awaken your wild nature! Invite the Divine Love inside you!”